Concerning Chris Beach

Update: 13/11/2020

This concerns the curious conduct of Chris Beach. Chris is the former owner of & and a prolific tweeter. Chris handed over ownership on 1st November of and as a consequence of what was revealed here.

I wish the new admin well and hope the forums will regain their credibility as fair, free and open reflections of our communities. Chris, however, is continuing his campaign of baseless conspiracy theories, disinformation and defamatory attacks. Hence, sadly, this website will remain here as a warning until it stops.


For more than two years I have been pursued by this man from whom I have, in private, received countless threatening and abusive emails. A friend reports him contacting them and spreading more untruths. And online - well you can see the stuff he regularly posts about me and others.

Here I want to begin to shine a light on the real Chris Beach - not in my words but his own. Those that he takes extraordinary efforts to hide from the public. Today I present just a tiny but representative snapshot of a couple of recent encounters. Please read and come to your own conclusions whether the public facade Chris presents is compatible with his private actions.

Why? Well I've been doing online discussion groups for more than twenty five years. One expects, gets used to and ultimately accepts abuse and even the occasional stalker. If it was just me - it's the kind of thing you would just shrug off and move on. But it isn't. You don't have to go far to see many other people claiming similar actions from Chris.

This has led to some to withdrawing or restricting their online presence. It has impacted on how they can contribute to our community life. I'm old, mostly retired with no career to protect and local folks will already have decided my position on the saint to sinner index. But many in our community are not, many may be vulnerable to the threats - and the volume of them. I feel for them.

That's why I decided to go public in this way not withstanding I will be made to suffer for it.

Chris, (I know you will be reading this) you asked people to think about your family in what is said about you. I do and do regret the impact if ever they discover this. But Chris your targets all have families too. When I have to calm my outraged daughters after your recent attack - the hardest part was to counsel them not to retaliate lest they become targets too. This is the rotten state we have gotten ourselves into.

A quick guide to what's here

The straw that broke the camel's back started with the latest in a long succession of harassing, threatening and abusive email exchange with Chris. It was about a proposed BigSEForum. This you can find the exchange in it's entirety apart from necessary redaction. It begins with an unpleasant email about another of his targets. It's a naked attempt to set one community forum against another, one person against another.

He then quickly switches his attack to me and his professed belief I'm someone I'm not. At around midday on the second day (Aug 21) he begins a ferocious set of naked threats and exposing private stuff about others. He seems completely unaware that his demands are both not possible but the manner would alienate even the Archangel Gabriel.

Chris has already said one shouldn't publish private correspondence. I agree - except in extraordinary circumstances. I give them here:

When I responded to a tweet about about his wish to try and make peace - I received the exchange below:

Justifying these pages

How can I refute what I believe is a gross misrepresentation of what was said but by revealing it so you may decide for yourself? Is what Chris is doing bringing our communities together or dividing us? Setting people against each other on false premises?

Chris has never been a member of my community. I've seen him contribute nothing. When I have invited him to join me in community activities the response was unnecessarily hostile. Yet he professes to declare who the good and bad guys here.

I've made my judgement. It's up to you whether you wish to do likewise. This is only a snapshot and you may have questions about both this and my other interactions with Chris. I've setup a Q&A section here: Questions & Answers


I never wanted to have to do this and I want it gone. it's up to you Chris - see: The Deal
For those that don't know me: About Me
Updates: Retaliation [updated 21:00 07/09/2020]


This website was produced by me and me alone. I take full responsibility for the contents which I believe to be correct in every detail. However, I'm not infallible. If you spot an error please let me know. If you don't have my contact details please post a message on one of our local forums. This website is set to disallow all search engine indexing.

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