Private Correspondence

Chris has taken exception to me revealing our most recent email exchange. I would normally not dream of sharing private correspondence and do have, I hope, something of a reputation for discreteness in our community.

However, there are times when shining a light on what is going on in private is in the public interest. The type of behavious snapshotted in the published exchange should be exposed unadorned so people make make their own judgements about us and how it affects what they may see and read.

I would also wish to make the following points:

  • Chris is no respecter of private correspondence. There can be no better example than the Flavabaker Scandal. The faked expose of private correspondence he, not someone else, had received
  • He has also admitted sharing defamatory emails from him to me with 'people who should know' in our comunity. He bcc's them so evading any meaningful response.
  • Chris has publicly made claims about the BigSEForum correspondence which are both defamatory and untrue. The only way I can refute is to show exactly what was exchanged enabling people in our community to make their own judgements concerning Chris' conduct.
  • Chris had been previously been warned that I would make public any further threats and harrassment so he should have know what was likely to happen when he threatened me again.
  • I have redacted all personal content both because it is not permitted by GDPR and it's not the right thing to involve third parties or personal details about Chris.
  • Finally I note, and the mods may also wish to note, that the correspondence was sent in their name. Whether they believe this is the way one of their members who has not posted anything even mildly controversial on the forum should be treated I will leave them to judge.
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