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This website only provides a snapshop of my experiences with Chris. It is necessarily incomplete and may leave as many questions unanswered. If you post a question on any of our local forums I will answer it right here:

07/09/2020 Samulsen (SE23.COM) asks:
Q: Who's behind the Big SE Forum? Is it another .life creation?

A: It wasn't. It was proposed on a Twitter account from which Chris is banned. On discovering the idea Chris promptly registered the domain, setup various spoof social media sites which ultimately pointed back to Whether you think this behaviour neighbourly I will leave to you.

08/09/2020 johnfbw (SE23.COM) asks:
Q: Do you want to summarise your problems, a lot of that website seems like a rant rather than displaying points

A: There is one and only one basic problem. Chris holds me responsible for the content of STF and demands that stuff about him be moderated. As I am not I am unable to comply. Indeed it would be unlawful to even try. Mr Beach cannot accept he has made an error and conducted various programmes to bring fruitless pressure on me. If he can accept that simple fact which is documented and known to many then this silly situation would not have arisen. This has done damage to us all. The 'rant' is to publish these details so I can be accountable for my actions and hold him accountable for his. Also that some white knight could come forward to help resolve this impasse.

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