The Admin Myth


I was the final President of the Forest Hill & Sydenham Rotary Club. When the club was wound up in 1996 it was the club's intention that the two domains registered on their behalf be used for community benefit.

  • was, for a time 'lent' to the Forest Hill Society and is now looking for a new community use.
  • had been used to provide a local news service for SE26. I managed that and it expanded to, in 2004, to include a forum in order to manage the feedback. The forum grew and grew until eventually it engulfed the whole website. I was the sole administrator of Sydenham Town Forum (STF) for the first 11 years.


In 2015 I decided to scale down my community activity in Sydenham to focus on other activities. As part of that I retired as Admin. There was a committee 'Town Council' of around twelve to help manage the handover. In November 2015 two new Admins took over and is recorded here:

The whole thread is still there:

The handover meant literally handing the keys (passwords) across, insisting they were changed so I no longer had or be tempted to have any powers of administration or moderation. My company remains as their ISP and, like other forums we host, provide technical support. And I have continued posting as an ordinary member.

This was about the time that was launching. I joined and started posting stuff about cycling. I met Chris at a social and as an Admin and an ex-Admin we had a lot in common and, I thought, got on well. So well, in fact, that shortly after Chris asked me to help with the launch of

I declined - mainly because I hadn't stopped as STF Admin to spend time helping to create another. And, unlike SE23 where there was an issue about the original forum - in SE26 there was no strong feeling.

Birth of a Myth

Chris had joined STF and was posting some 'strong' stuff. After a few brushes I tried to avoid him. Others didn't and there was a fair amount of vitriol flowing to which Chris took exception. He contacted me as he had no reply from a moderator - and I pointed him to Admin.

I don't know what happened between them. What I then got was the first in a succession of emails requiring that threads about him be removed in 24 hours - or else!

I explained carefully and politely that I had no moderation powers and hence could not physically accede to his request and referred him back to Admin. Chris felt unable to accept this. I again explained as the ISP my only power was to disable the website. An extreme measure that is usually only done through either a court directive or an order from specified law enforcement agencies.

I did note that the STF Admin did remove some stuff surrounding the anti-semitic trope controversy. Chris may remember that at the time I was at 35,000ft over the Atlantic and not involved in anyway.

There were a succession of harassing threats from Chris I could do nothing about. That was until he said he was going to report me to Nominet UK (my regulator as a UK domain registrar) unless he was 'disappeared' on STF. I had followed Nominet's procedures to the letter hence it was clear to me that Chris either wanted to control STF or have it taken down by intimidation.

I made the STF Admin aware of this threat and they decided to ban Chris from STF.


Chris was unhappy - I received some ferocious emails demanding he be re-instated - or else!

I could and did nothing. Chris then decided I was responsible and that I was the STF Admin. This was the start of a concerted campaign from his own forums to discredit and defame me. Also further threatening emails and, I discovered, privately spreading untruths about me to various people in our community.

I did point him to the evidence online. People who had witnessed the handover testified. But this only seem to have further inflamed Chris who continues to perpetuate this myth. When asked why he apparently believed it - his response was “the dogs on the street know it”.

Strange justification - but there are no known dogs on STF and I don't bark.

Weirdly on a recent thread on this appeared in response to an outburst by Chris about 'the owner of STF':

Had he found someone else unknown to me who shares the same strange belief as Chris and knows both me and my address? - Before Chris realised after some time that doxing home addresses was not a good idea (see below). Coincidentally on a previous attack on the same forum it was closely followed by another unknown person who had claimed to have been banned from STF on a thread that had no bannings. Draw your own conclusions. I do know that Chris although banned from STF has faked multiple accounts and addresses to try and hit back.

As I reminded Chris - an ISP can see more than an Forum Admin. And I saw.

I, perhaps foolishly, decided to politely correct this misrepresentation. You can follow his non-reconcilatory responses and a final fusillade of untruthful and fabricated allegations followed by a swift closing of the thread before they could have been refuted.

I wouldn't have bothered anyway Chris. You never listen, you never accept you have got it wrong notwithstanding any proof. It's pointless. Thread:

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